Termite mushrooms

Termite mushrooms are a rare delicacy that fetch prices in excess of B6OO for a kg when brought fresh on the roadside from the village locals in Nong Prue, Kanchanaburi. However most tourists visiting Thailand have never heard of them, let alone tried them. And if they did, it is doubtful that they would understand why Bangkok residents will drive all the way from the city to this quiet country town to secure a kilogram or more of the sweetest and the best mushrooms on offer.

Termite mushrooms Thailand

Thais consider Het Khone, these unassuming lanky mushrooms, to be the king of them all. They  are at their best after being steamed. They are then eaten with a little bowl of dipping sauce made from sliced shallots, chopped phrik khee nuu, lime and fish sauce. This allows their natural sweet flavour to come through. Nothing else is needed.

Alternatively they can be prepared as as a tom yam without any other ingredients bar a touch of chilli and a dash of lime with fish sauce to taste.


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