Fragile beauty

The world of butterflies is a mystery, something so beautiful and fragile.

Siam Butterfly Farm


Thailand is home to over 1,100 species of butterflies. They can be seen anywhere: in the National Parks, in the city gardens, in beach-side resorts and all over the countryside. … the best butterfly watching National Parks are Khao Yai and Khaeng Krachan

Scuba diving

My introduction to diving in Thailand was a live abord cruise on a catamaran from Phuket up to Similan, Surin and the Burma Banks. An experience I have never forgotten.

Similan is an archipelago of nine different islands. One of the best dive sites to see manta rays and if you are lucky whale sharks. Best done on a live aboard to dive sites like Richelieu Rock, Elephant Head, and Beacon Point.